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Barista PRO Grande 1QT (1L)

Barista PRO Grande 1QT (1L)


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BARISTA PRO STAINLESS STEEL CREAM DISPENSER (1 Quart/ 1 L) Presenting the pinnacle of excellence: the Barista Pro 1 Quart / 1 L Stainless Steel whipped cream dispenser. Meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of both baristas and devoted coffee connoisseurs. Made entirely from stainless steel, including the head, this product offers the convenience of dishwasher safety. Don't settle for anything less than perfection.

Commence your journey into the realm of whipped cream mastery with precision. Elevate your culinary creations using the Barista PRO Stainless Steel Cream Dispenser – a convergence of accessible pricing and luxurious sophistication, where every twist and turn exemplifies your discerning palate.

What makes our Barista PRO Stainless Steel Cream Dispensers special?

Professional Grade: In contrast to the offerings of our competitors, which utilize aluminum heads accompanied by stainless steel coatings, our Barista Pro Dispensers proudly feature a robust, enduring full stainless steel head. This exceptional choice in construction exemplifies both our commitment to longevity and our dedication to elevated professionalism.
Elegant Design: Globally embraced by baristas and chefs, the stainless steel construction is exquisitely crafted, resulting in a beautiful masterpiece.
Efficient Operation: Utilizing 8gm and/or 16gm nitrous oxide chargers, it assures a sleek and speedy whipping encounter (16gm chargers require adaptor).
Perfect Capacity: Yields 1 pint of fresh whip cream or topping.
Long-lasting Freshness: Store your whipped cream in the refrigerator, and it'll stay fresh and luscious for up to 14 days.

DUE TO SANITARY REASONS, if you ordered this in error, we cannot refund you.

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