Consumer Terms of Sale

  1. Contract Formation: Terms apply to all goods from Special Blue. Orders constitute offers, with acceptance at the discretion of the supplier. Acknowledgment does not confirm acceptance. The contract is subject to cancellation rights.
  2. Goods Description and Price: Prices and descriptions align with the website. Unavailable or mispriced goods may lead to order cancellation or alternatives. Additional delivery charges may apply.
  3. Payment: Payment methods as per the website. Delivery after cleared funds. Deductions only with a valid court order.
  4. Delivery: Goods delivered to the provided address. Delivery time depends on processing and stock availability. Failure to accept delivery incurs costs.
  5. Risk/Title: Goods at buyer's risk from delivery. Ownership passes upon full payment.
  6. Title for Business Customers: Business customers must store and insure goods until ownership transfer.
  7. Right of Cancellation: Consumer right to cancel within 10 days. Notify in writing. Return at own cost. Exceptions for certain goods.
  8. Warranty: 12-month warranty for new goods. Used goods have a 90-day warranty. Conditions apply, excluding wear and tear, damage, or improper use.
  9. Limitation of Liability: Limited liability for loss or damage. Exceptions for negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation. Business customers' liability further limited.
  10. Data Protection: Supplier safeguards order and payment details. Not liable for unauthorized access unless negligent.
  11. Images: Product images for illustration only. Property of Special Blue. Unauthorized use prohibited.
  12. Returns: Follow Supplier's returns policy. Faulty items checked by QC. Customer responsible for return risks.
  13. Governing Law: Subject to U.S.A. law. U.S.A. courts have jurisdiction.
  14. Discount/Gift Vouchers: Coupon codes subject to minimum purchase amounts.


Product Usage Guidelines:

  1. Usage Restriction: Our whipped cream chargers are intended solely for food preparation. The contained Nitrous Oxide gas must not be abused similarly to glue or solvents.
  2. Customer Confirmation: To prevent misuse, customers must confirm their awareness of potential issues. If there's suspicion of misuse, we reserve the right to refuse sales, terminate future business, and bar the customer's account.
  3. Legal Offense: Selling cream whipping chargers for inhalation purposes is an offense due to associated risks such as narcosis, asphyxiation, and potential fatality. Sale is limited to individuals aged 21 and above, with age confirmation required at account creation.
  4. Safety Measures: Before using our cream chargers, read the manufacturer's instructions. Adhere to safety guidelines, releasing no more than 1 charger in a 1/4L or 1/2L Whipper and 2 chargers in a 1L Whipper. Do not incinerate or expose chargers to high temperatures, and avoid disposing of full chargers to prevent injury.
  5. No Air Travel: Pressurized gas cartridges are not allowed on airplanes. Violation may lead to prosecution.